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Your Greenleaf ONE will come with a pre-configured (but customizable) Contact form. Unlike typical contact forms that just send an email to someone in your organization, this is a CiviCRM form that enters the person’s data in your CiviCRM database AND sends an email to someone in your organization. It can also add someone to a specific contact group. Additionally, if the person is already in your database (as identified by first name, last name, and email), that person’s record will be matched and updated instead of creating a duplicate.

The form is also configured to send the person to a specific thank you page on submission, with a customizable message that you can tailor to move people along the engagement pathway (now that they have taken a step towards your organization by filling out the form). It’s just one more way that Greenleaf ONE’s implementation of WordPress and CiviCRM facilitates CRM best practices to help you maximize your impact.

Please feel free to occasionally contact me via the channels below. I understand that I may opt out at any time.

If you selected SMS, Phone, or Postal Mail, please ensure you have provided the necessary information above. Thank you.