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Elegant Drag & Drop Builder

Greenleaf ONE ships with a powerful drag and drop builder based on the open-sourced UIKit framework. Lightweight, fast and super user-friendly, the “Page Builder” (as it’s commonly known) makes building website an absolute joy, putting all the design power in your hands via an elegant user interface.

Gone are the days of needing a team of designers and project managers to add a button to your site (yeah, we’re talking about you, Drupal)! You can quickly add, manage, update, copy, save, repurpose and even share complex layouts and designs on your own with just a few clicks.

Even more awesome is that you can integrate your data directly into each and every element in the system, greatly simplifying your ability to quickly display content from sources such as CiviCRM to site visitors (or to specific users… yes, access controls are applicable down to the element level!).

It’s easy to get overwhelmed

The documentation and videos to the right highlight the full power of the page builder. That said, it’s not a “3 mins read” simply because there is such a tremendous about of flexbility in it. Here are the top five reasons we support it and chose it for Greenleaf ONE:

  • Comprehensive
    A truly complete page builder

    Each time we feel like we are pushing the framework to the edge, we are pleasantly surprised at how thoughtfully it is built. There is nothing we’ve attempted so far that it hasn’t been able to handle out of the box. What’s more is that there is a budding ecosystem of related extensions that extend the framework’s functionality.

  • Modern & Responsive
    Fully optimized and mobile first
    The page builder is built using the latest development practices and tools, meaning that a lot of the legacy issues that plague older builders (like those pesky short codes that appear everywhere) simply are not present. You can expect a mobile friendly, fast, and very clean (in presentation and markup) builder.
  • Tightly integrated
    The sky is the limit
    The Greenleaf ONE toolset is a combination of the Yootheme Pro page builder and the Yootheme Pro Essentials extension. The combination of these two creates a fully integrated system with CiviCRM and, indeed, with remote sources. This essentially (pun intended) bridges the gap between WordPress and Drupal as the default CMS to house your CiviCRM. Given how easy it is to use the builder, there simply is no reason to assume the costs and clunkiness of using Drupal.
  • Rapid Design & Development
    Faster than popular systems like Squarespace, Wix, etc.
    Because of its capacity to quickly and efficiently manage dynamic content via templates, it’s quite easy to build, design and ultimately manage high content sites. Likewise, the process of doing so is much more future proof in that it requires you to “structure” your content effectively. This takes a little more upfront planning, but the benefit is that you are in a better position to update and use your content over the long run.
  • No Developer Required
    Bye bye Drupal!
    Last but certainly not least, and we mean this sincerely, you can do all of this on your own. There is no need for a developer or an entire design team to make changes to the site. It’s all manageable through the interface and, as an admin user, you are in full control.

Not reinventing the wheel

Honestly, we cannot demonstrate all of the sheer awesomeness of the page builder on this one page. And, quite honestly, we don’t need to. Head over to the documentation and help videos and see for yourself what this framework can do.