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Design & Style Made Easy

We’re not kidding when we say that design is super easy with this page builder. Not only can it be done in-app, all content displayed through the builder elements naturally inherit the style automatically. For example, your CiviCRM events will automatically inherit the style and will, for once, look native to your site without any customizations or coding. How beautiful is that!

Build your brand style in-app!

Website style design can easily be done directly in the builder with a live preview of your design across all elements within the page buidler. Each element can be managed and designed individually with a graphic interface to manage all aspects of design. There is no need to learn or know CSS!

Fully customizable

Drill down directly into any element within the style customizer to fine tune your design style. You have full control over global designs as well as micro-level control of any design aspect.

Furthermore, you can quickly select designs from hundreds of professional styles and apply them to a library of hundreds of different page layouts.

When you’re finished, you can save all elements and styles to your library and reuse them easily. You can even export them and import them on a separate site should you running more than one instance of Greenleaf ONE and what brand/design consistency.

When you want to code

Of course, when you want to write some code or custom CSS, you absolutely can. You can easily add customizations at the global level, or you can apply them to specific sections, rows and all the way down to the individual element level.

Like we said, you have full control over the design and layout of the site and the content you present on it. 


  • Go crazy with all sorts of animation and visual affects including fixed image, parallax, and more.

  • Control the display of nextgen image formats, lazy loading, etc. in-app.

  • Integration with popular open-source icon sets and with Google Fonts.

  • Integration with Unsplash, license-free stock photography.

  • In-app svg transitions generated on the fly to break up the “stacked” feel of many site builders.

  • Direct integration with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.