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Demo of CiviCRM + WordPress

This demo provides visitors with a showcase of what can easily be accomplished via CiviCRM & WordPress, including deep integrations that allow you to quickly manage and display data across your site.
  • WordPress and CiviCRM are tightly integrated in this demo, allowing content to be dynamically displayed. You’ll see lots of examples where data from multiple sources appears on a page.
  • We try to include some explanation and overview of all the various examples to help give you an idea of what it takes to implement and maintain a particular design or content display.
  • We provide you direct access to the system though with some limited capabilities. If you’re new to CiviCRM, we do encourage you to browse the site first and foremost to see what can be done.

Start Here

This demo provides an overview of a unique system called Greenleaf ONE that tightly integrates CiviCRM with WordPress, that includes best-in-class extensions for both, and that ships with a modern, powerful website builder. This demo includes various examples of everything in action.

Likewise, you can use the credentials to the right to log into the administrative area and kick the tires.

Use the following credentials:
ONE-Demo wordpressandcivicrm

More Details

We’re going with an arts theme!

All of the demo content on the site is art-inspired! That’s because, like art, Greenleaf ONE is beautiful! Seriously, though, we’re using art-themed content for no particular reason to demonstrate what you can do with Greenleaf ONE.

Go ahead an play around, but do keep in mind that this demo resets periodically so any data you add will be lost.

What we want you to know

Let’s face it, managing websites and CRMs can be daunting. Both CiviCRM and WordPress ship with a lot of features and capabilities, many of which are simply beyond the scope of this demo. Still, there are a few important takeaways that we want you to understand with respect to Greenleaf ONE:

  • Everything is done through the UI, no programming required.

  • Seamless integration between your website and CRM.

  • Easy to use drag and drop builder allows you to rapidly build websites.

  • We’re continuously improving Greenleaf ONE to ensure that it remains stable and feature-rich.

  • We have your back, every step of the way, with support, trainings, video tutorials, and more.

What’s not shown but available

By no means is this demo comprehensive. While you can see a lot of examples on the site, you cannot “do” everything or “see” everything that can be done. Both CiviCRM and WordPress are packed with features that are difficult to showcase. Examples include:

  • Quickly create and use custom fields in both CiviCRM and WordPress to manage and display custom data.

  • Full control over your site optimization including permalinks, metadata, sitemaps, redirects, and more.

  • Develop powerful search displays and reports using CiviCRM’s cutting edge SearchKit (we’re working on adding this to the demo)

  • Leverage wealth prospecting functionality with native integration with DonorSearch.

Things you can’t do here

And then there are some things that are absolutely available in Greenleaf ONE that we simply have disabled for security reasons. For example:

  • You cannot send emails or text messages.

  • You cannot take payments.

  • Any data you add will be erased when the demo resets.